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ASC Managed Portfolio Service


Aberdeen Standard Capital's Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) offers a comprehensive investment solution. It features a choice of risk-graded portfolios offering two distinct approaches; Conventional and Target Return. 

MPS offers investors access to institutional investment expertise and research capabilities. Portfolios are managed on an ongoing basis by Aberdeen Standard Capital, using the same strategies that they employ for their full discretionary service. In managing the portfolios, Aberdeen Standard Capital takes advantage of the expertise of the Aberdeen Standard Investments Multi Asset Investment Team. 

Aberdeen Standard Capital takes full responsibility for managing the portfolios in accordance with their objectives and risk profile. All MPS portfolios are widely diversified and are invested on a whole of market basis. The extent to which active or passive strategies are used will depend on the potential for outperformance in each case. In other words, active management is generally used only when the associated extra cost can be justified by the likelihood of outperformance over passive strategies.

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