The Wrap Self Invested Personal Pension (Wrap SIPP) is a type of Personal Pension Plan that permits customers to invest in a wide range of external investments as well as a provider’s own insured funds and external fund links. It also allows customers access to the full range of benefit options available through Pension Freedoms.

Wrap SIPP provides customers the following key features:

  • A wide range of investment options;
  • Flexible access to their pension fund;
  • A tax efficient way to save for retirement;
  • Provides benefits for dependants upon death.

For more target market and suitability information for this product download the statement of Target Market.

Investment choices

Wrap SIPP offers flexible bespoke investment solutions to a range of specialist investments.


1. MyFolio funds

We offer a range of risk managed funds to meet a variety of client needs from long term capital growth to income generation. Our award winning MyFolio range is one of the largest and fastest growing ranges of risk related funds in the market.


2. Funds, equities, bonds and more

Your clients can access a wide range of investments including:

  • Mutual funds
  • Cash deposits
  • Exchange traded funds
  • Structured products
  • Government bonds
  • Corporate bonds
  • Insurance company funds or policies

They can also invest directly in the shares of UK companies.



3. Investment Hub

Employs market leading technology to deliver greater control and efficiency to firms managing advisory discretionary models.




4. Discretionary Plus

Providing a practical solution to investment complexity.  You and your clients can access the expertise of Discretionary Investment Managers through the Standard Life Wrap platform, providing:

  • A full range of reporting to help you manage client engagement
  • Straight through online processing for payments, withdrawals and switches
  • Real time look through to underlying assets


5. Specialist investments in commercial property

Investing in commercial property with a SIPP offers your client:

  • Tax free rental income
  • Tax relief for business users
  • Capital Gains Tax-free growth in the property value
  • Potentially no Inheritance Tax liability

Please remember that laws and tax rules may change in the future. The information here is based on our understanding in September 2017. Your Client's personal circumstances also have an impact on tax treatemnt.

Retirement income options

We offer fully flexible drawdown options, allowing your clients to access a full range of drawdown features:

  • Flexi-access drawdown – ready for new Pensions Freedom and Choice
  • Maintain capped drawdown for existing customers
  • Fully flexible payment options


Payments can be accepted from the individual or their employer.

The minimum gross payments are:

  • £300 a month
  • £3,000 a year
  • £10,000 for single or transfer payments

For existing SIPPs with a fund value of more than £50,000, the minimum payments are:

  • £100 a month
  • £1,000 a year

There’s no minimum amount for additional single or transfer payments.

Charges and interest rates

For information on charges and interest rates applicable to Wrap SIPP see our Wrap charges page  and supporting Wrap literature.

Relevant literature

Find more detail about Wrap SIPP in our literature.

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