Wrap Onshore Bond

The Onshore Bond for Wrap is a lump sum, non-qualifying, whole of life, investment linked life assurance contract into which one-off or additional single payments may be made.

It is provided by Standard Life Assurance Limited and sold to UK residents. The Bond is accessed via the Wrap platform which is provided by Standard Life Savings Limited.

It is available to individuals and trustees. The Onshore Bond for Wrap is an Insurance Based Investment Product (IBIP) and is covered by the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD). We have defined it as a complex product.

For more target market and suitability information for this product download the statement of Target Market.


To be eligible for the Wrap Onshore Bond the following criteria apply:

  • Minimum age 18
  • Maximum age 89
  • Bondholder must be resident in the UK
  • Up to 2 people can jointly own the Bond, and up to 6 lives can be assured

Investment choices

Your clients can invest from a choice of over 140 insured funds from Standard Life and a range of external fund managers. Investments can be held in up to 100 insured funds at one time and an unlimited number of funds over the Bond lifetime. Switching incurs no tax liability but switching charges can apply depending on the assets held.

Investment limits


InvestmentInvestment limit
Minimum investment £5,000*
Discounted gift plan (trust) £60,000
Minimum additional investment £1,000
Minimum lump sum withdrawal £125
Minimum regular withdrawal £50

*unless your client has at least £100,000 of assets in their Wrap account


Regular withdrawals can be taken monthly, quarterly, every four months, half yearly or yearly. At least £2,500 must remain in the Bond after withdrawals.


For information on charges applicable to Wrap Onshore Bond see our Wrap charges page and supporting Wrap literature.

Relevant literature

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