Wrap cash account

Every client on Wrap has a Wrap cash account for holding cash on the platform. Charges can be deducted from this account and we can pay income or interest into it.

Managing income

You can use the Wrap cash account to hold client money, either pending an investment decision or to combine income from other wrappers before paying it out to your client.


Unlimited withdrawals can be taken at any time using the Wrap platform. Withdrawal payments will normally be transferred to the client’s nominated account.

Keeping cash healthy

You are responsible for ensuring there is sufficient cash in your clients’ relevant cash accounts to pay any charges.

Charges and interest rates

For information on charges and interest rates applicable to the Wrap cash account see our Wrap charges page. To view the Wrap terms and conditions see our Wrap literature.

Relevant literature

Find out more detail about Wrap in our literature.

Wrap help

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