Wrap Integration Services

New Business two-way integration

New Business two-way integration service is designed to help you streamline your processes and make it easier and more efficient to place business on the Standard Life Wrap Platform. The service will allow you to pre-populate data onto the platform and then re-populate completed data and documents to your front/back office system.

  • Reduce costs & risks - saving time and effort with less data to re-key
  • Automation - completed platform data and documents returned to your front/back office and automatically saved to the client record
  • Choice - once you have set up basic client data on your front/back office it is your choice whether you enter more detailed data on your front/back office or on the Wrap platform, you will get re-use across both
  • Flexibility - part-complete and resume journeys from either Wrap or your front/back office
  • Compliant - smooth delivery of the data and documents to your system to support your audit trail

All Wrap Products on the platform are supported by our two-way integration service. For more information on the service, view the user guide below:

New Business two-way integration - Wrap platform user guide (WRAP293, 952KB)

For more information on the back office software currently supported by this service, visit the Iress website using the link below:

Iress back office software


Using our Contract Enquiry service, we can provide wrap client valuations, a breakdown of the funds your clients are invested in and basic plan details to the leading adviser software systems.

The valuation service is supported by these providers:

  • IRESS Adviser Office
  • IRESS Xplan
  • 2 Plan (Figure out)
  • Assyst
  • Best Practice
  • Bluecoat
  • Intelliflo (Intelligent Office)
  • Plum
  • Sammedia (Moneyinfo)
  • True Potential
  • Capita (Quay)
  • Sprint (Fastrak)
  • Synaptic (Capita)
  • Distribution Technology
  • Time4advice
  • Durell
  • Focus Solutions

Adviser Payments

Using the EDI service, adviser statements can be electronically sent to back office systems to support their automated adviser payment reconciliation services.if you would like to take advantage of this service please liaise with your back office company.

We support a number of back office software companies, including:

  • IRESS Adviser Office
  • IRESS Xplan
  • Intelliflo (Intelligent Office)
  • Plum
  • Capita
  • Durell