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The Trustee Buy Out Plan (TBOP) acts as a ‘bulk section 32 buy out’. It gives employers and trustees a hassle-free way to wind-up a scheme, as well as security and peace of mind.

TBOP assists employers and trustees to discharge their liability on the winding-up of a company pension scheme. It offers them a straightforward process that requires no member consent and complies with the winding up regulations of the relevant legislation.

Features of the TBOP:

  • Simple and compliant – removes trustee obligations and doesn’t require member consent
  • Flexible – can operate as a standalone product or alongside another product for ongoing payments
  • Earmarked benefits – members can have individual policies for their own benefits 
  • Potential Inheritance Tax (IHT) advantages  - individual policies are written under trust, which means that the death benefit will not normally be liable to IHT

For more target market and suitability information for this product download the statement of Target Market.


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