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Trust based pension

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Full Support

Full support

- Innovative range of investment options
- UK based admin and support teams
- Insight driven employee communications
- Secure online servicing

Our DC solutions offer scheme trustees and employers the flexible features, services, administration capability and investment choice they need to deliver a comprehensive and cost effective plan to their members.

They’re suitable for:

  • New DC schemes – where the employer has closed an existing defined benefit scheme to new employees
  • Existing DC schemes – moving from an existing provider
  • Employers who are consolidating schemes – due to merger and acquisition activity

Flexible, cost effective and comprehensive

Using our proven platform technology, your clients will have the features and flexibility they need to meet members’ varying needs, while still ensuring value and cost efficiency.

  • Trustee services – we’ll assist with transition and implementation, and provide support for member communication programmes
  • Easy plan administration – our proven platform functionality can make plan set up and ongoing administration a robust and efficient process.
  • Flexibility and scalability – lets employers and trustees tailor schemes to suit their requirements
  • Governance support – including access to information and reports which will assist the governance process through dedicated online services
  • Investment choice – including off the shelf governed risk-based solutions, blended funds, strategic lifestyle profiles and tailored fund options’
  • Buy-out policies for leavers – lets your clients focus on managing benefits for active members
  • Options to access the new retirement flexibility
SLG LiveSite Portlet
SLG LiveSite Portlet
SLG LiveSite Portlet

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