Group Self Invested Personal Pension (GSIPP)

A flexible pension plan that offers our widest range of investment options

What is the Standard Life GSIPP?

It’s a contract-based pension plan that offers members the option to invest in our widest range of investment options. Members might choose a GSIPP if they have more time and confidence to pick their own investments and manage them on an ongoing basis.

Member, client and adviser benefits of our GSIPP solution

The widest range of investments
Our GSIPP offers members the freedom to invest in a wide range of investments. This includes investments outside of our range of insured funds – such as mutual funds, stocks & shares and more.

Self-investment options
If they have the confidence, members can choose to self-invest immediately. They can choose where to invest, switch funds and more.

Secure online services for advisers
We offer advisers a wide range of online services to help make managing plans easy. You can find a full list of our online services here.

More about online services

Secure online services for members
Clients can help members stay engaged with their GSIPP using our dedicated online service and our mobile app. This includes helpful tools, key information, plan documents and more.

Employer website
We will provide an employer website which includes the relevant details of a member's plan. This helps your clients set up plans for their members and manage them effectively to save time. We also offer a range of member engagement and communication solutions.

An efficient charging structure
The charges that apply depend on the level of investment chosen and so members only pay for the features they use.

An extensive literature library
You can get quick access to GSIPP forms, key documents and guides by visiting our literature library.

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You can log in and get a quote for our GSIPP solution. We also support Unipass Certificate log in.

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The value of investments can go down as well as up, and your clients could get back less than was paid in. Laws and tax rules may change in the future. A client's personal circumstances and where they live in the UK will also have an impact on tax treatment.


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