Group Flexible Retirement Plan

Full Support

Full support

- Innovative range of investment options
- UK based admin and support teams
- Insight driven employee communications
- Secure online servicing


Where investment choice and flexibility are important, our GFRP and GSIPP give your clients the choice and ease of administration they need.

  • GFRP – gives employees a flexible pension plan with high levels of support to make their investment choices easier
  • GSIPP – gives members access to the widest range of investment opportunities

The best of both worlds
Your corporate clients can include both plans in their pension scheme – so they can offer different levels of flexibility and investment choice to different employee groups. There’s still only one scheme to administer and it’s easy for members to switch between plans.

Both products offer:

  • A dedicated employer website – Makes plan set up and administration easy
  • A dedicated employee website – Workplace online services lets plan members manage their own individual plan
  • Targeted employee communications – and education programme
    More on communication and education


Our GFRP is a flexible product that allows for change and can evolve with members’ needs. Key features of the product include:

  • Investment choice – with access to a wide range of funds from Standard Life Investments and other providers. These cover a range of investment strategies and philosophies
  • A range of carefully constructed portfolios which reflect different investment styles, risk levels and asset mixes
  • Tailored investment strategy – you can design an investment strategy to meet your clients’ specific needs
  • Ease of administration – a range of online services makes the plan easy to manage
  • Easy upgrade to GSIPP – remaining part of the same group arrangement for administration purposes

For target market and suitability information for this product download
the statement of Target Market


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