Investment proposition

Workplace investments

Workplace investments

We've developed our investment solutions for workplace pensions to reflect legislative changes, and the findings of our customer and employer research.

Off-the-shelf investment options

These have been designed by our investment specialists specifically for workplace pensions.

Risk-based default options

With the vast majority of employees remaining in workplace schemes' default options, it's vitally important to choose an option which meets their needs. That’s why we offer employers a choice of default investment options, so you can choose the one that’s most appropriate for your employees.

Our default investment options are strategic lifestyle profiles based on our risk-based fund ranges. You simply choose:

  • your preferred investment style
  • the risk level which most closely matches the risk profile of the majority of members

Our default options have a glidepath that's designed to give employees the flexibility to take their money the way they want when they retire.

Strategic lifestyle profiles

We offer a comprehensive range of strategic lifestyle profiles (SLPs) in addition to our default options. These give employees the opportunity to tailor their investment choice to their own needs, including how they want to take their retirement income.

Our SLPs combine the benefits of target date funds and traditional lifestyle profiles:

  • They target each employee's specific retirement date
  • We control when is the best time to move investments in and out of each stage of the glidepath
  • We can make changes to the underlying funds used in each SLP to make sure they continue to meet employees' needs, for example because of changes in legislation
  • To find out more about the different SLPs available, see our guides:

Risk based funds

Our risk-based funds form the basis of our default options and our other strategic lifestyle profiles. They're also available as standalone investment options for employees.

With five risk levels and a choice of three investment styles, they allow employees to make an investment choice directly related to their attitude to risk and goals. Our experts then manage the funds and aim to produce the best possible returns for each given level of risk.

Full fund range

Employees with a good understanding of investments can choose funds from our full range. This includes hundreds of funds from leading fund management groups covering different asset classes, regions and investment styles.


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