Employee benefits

Employee benefits consultancy

Our team of consultants are specialised in developing flexible benefits strategies. The goal is to help your clients with making the design of their benefits as simple and engaging as possible to support employee take-up.

Drawing on the expertise of Vebnet, we’ve created a uniquely personalised benefits and reward service. It helps employers to attract and keep the very best people.

Employee benefits technology

A flexible portal for flexible benefits, provided by Vebnet. Vebnet has been specialising in creating employee benefits total reward solutions for over 15 years.

With the support of Vebnet’s benefits administration technology and employer-branded platform, Standard Life can work closely with you to create a complete benefits and rewards package tailored to the needs of your clients' employees.

Together, Standard Life and Vebnet can help you design and manage packages to: 

  • attract and retain the best employees
  • achieve your reward objectives
  • apply greater control and transparency to your clients' budget
  • reduce benefits paperwork and the workload of your clients' human resources team
  • make it easy for your clients' employees to understand the benefits of their wider reward package
  • offer innovative communications to boost adoption of benefits
  • provide employees with one-click access to our reward platform via Single Sign On (SSO)
  • support employees with information about Financial Wellness.

Please note that any regulated benefits will be sourced by Standard Life Client Management

Vebnet Limited is owned by the Phoenix Group and uses the Standard Life brand under licence from the Standard Life Aberdeen Group.

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