Auto-enrolment existing SL schemes (up to and including 1 April 2015)

Supporting an existing Standard Life scheme

We've developed an online solution for converting an existing Standard Life group pension into a QWPS.

Designed to support schemes staging up to and including 1 April 2015, our online solution walks you through what you need to do to design, implement and manage a QWPS. It breaks the process into five stages and includes interactive tools, templates, guides and a checklist. So you can make pension reform as simple as possible for your clients.

Pension reform assessment

The first stage of the journey is to complete a secure online assessment form to check whether the existing Standard Life scheme can be used as a QWPS. You can use the resources and support we’ve developed to help you get the information you need to complete the form by going to SL workplace.

Or you can go directly to Group Pension Zone to submit the form, if you know:

  • the staging date
  • the number of employees to be joined at staging date
  • the definition of pensionable earnings to be used
  • average pensionable earnings
  • details of contribution levels and payroll frequency

To complete the assessment form

Login to Group Pension Zone using your usual Adviserzone login, go to the Scheme options section and select pension reform assessment. For multiple sites you will need to select the scheme overview level.

Once submitted, you can typically expect a response within ten working days (although this may take longer during busy periods).

Preparing the business

There's a lot for your clients to understand about the changes they need to make to their business so they're ready in advance of their staging date. walks you through the new processes that pension reform brings, such as assessing and joining employees and managing opt-outs.

Once you're confident the business is ready - you need to get an authorised representative from your clients' company to complete our simple QWPS conversion form so that we can complete the process.

To complete the conversion form

This form is available within the scheme options section of Group Pension Zone. Please note that the latest date for this form to be completed to allow us to convert the scheme is 1 month before the scheme staging date.

New workplace clients

Find out more about our auto-enrolment solutions for new clients with small to medium size businesses.