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14 April 2014

Fund description change - SL Ignis UK Property Life and Pension Funds (codes RY and 2R)

We are writing to your clients to tell them about a proposed change to the fund description of the SL Ignis UK Property Life and Pension Funds on 3 May 2014.

09 April 2014

DWP charge cap announcement

The DWP has made an important announcement about a charge cap on Qualifying workplace pension schemes. We have prepared some positioning statements for you to use with your clients where appropriate.

08 April 2014

Charging towards better workplace pensions

The government's 'command paper' on workplace pensions does much more than cap charges for pension savers. It signals a whole new approach to the governance of DC qualifying workplace pension schemes - and the way advisers can be paid to help.

04 April 2014

Standard Life Wrap is 2016 ready!

We will be running a series of short events in the following locations where we will share with you our current functionality and recent developments from our Leading Platform Programme.

04 April 2014

2014 Leading Platform Programme Events

A business event for Chief Executives and Managing Directors of key intermediaries.

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