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22 May 2015

Standard Life and the Auto Enrolment Advisory Group join forces on ‘AE in a Box’

Standard Life now offers its Good to Go auto enrolment pension solution on AE in a Box. AE in a Box is Auto Enrolment Advisory Group’s low-cost system to which advisers and accountants can refer clients in order to support them through the auto enrolment process.

14 May 2015

Pensions – a new world needs new advice

The pension changes have revolutionised how individuals are able to take their pension savings. To unlock the full potential of these new rules, it requires a rethink of existing advice models. And a key challenge is to reverse public perception of pensions and engage savers with their retirement planning.

29 April 2015

Paying the price for DIY withdrawals

A recent court case has highlighted the importance of seeking advice before accessing savings. And as many pension savers contemplate the new pension freedoms, it acts as a stark reminder of the potential tax disasters that can lie in wait for DIYers.

27 April 2015

Offshore bonds get £5k tax free savings boost

Offshore bonds have been given a double tax boost. Changes to how savings income is taxed will mean a greater number of offshore bond savers will pay no tax on their bond gains.

21 April 2015

Important news about the ISA and Savings Scheme

Standard Life is no longer able to provide the Standard Life Savings Investment ISA and Savings Scheme. From 29 May 2015, existing clients will be transferred to Alliance Trust Savings Limited.

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