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26 March 2020

The SL LF Equity Income Pension Fund

The second expected payment of the proceeds from the winding up of the SL LF Equity Income Pension Fund.

20 March 2020

News about Standard Life funds

We’re changing the name of some of our Investec funds.

11 March 2020

Budget 2020 - what it means for you and your clients

There was some welcome news in the Budget for pension funding. Tax relief remains unaffected and many high earners will no longer be subject to the pension tapered annual allowance, although those earning more than £300,000 could see their funding further limited.

05 March 2020

The Trust Registration Service - where are we now?

Many trusts expected to register with the Trust Registration Service (TRS) for the first time will now have until March 2022 to do so.

24 February 2020

Investing your Onshore Bond in the Distribution fund?

The distribution rate is set every six months. In February 2020 the distribution rate was 2.5% and the pence per unit rate can be found in this table:

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