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03 October 2019

Getting to grips with the residence nil rate band

'The residence nil rate band is too complex and people struggle to understand it'. These were the findings of Office of Tax Simplification in their report on simplifying inheritance tax. However, changes are not expected in the near future, and clients will need your help to guide them through the current rules.

01 October 2019

Neptune Investment Management are updating their fund names

Neptune Investment Management has told us that it’s updating the fund names of all UK OEIC Sub-funds.

26 September 2019

Brexit and potential changes to FSCS protection for International Bond clients

Standard Life International currently offers an International Bond to UK, Channel Island and Isle of Man clients on a cross-border, freedom of services basis.

17 September 2019

DB transfers – navigating the appropriate limit

Recent FCA scrutiny and rule changes mean there's a lot to think about when advising on DB (defined benefit) transfers. It's easy to overlook the extra hurdle of the 'appropriate limit' rule where your client has enhanced protection.

10 September 2019

Changes to the SL Rathbone UK Opportunities Pension and Life Funds

We’re reducing the charges of the SL Rathbone UK Opportunities Pension and Life Funds

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