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26 February 2015

Reduced £10k allowance – keeping funding options open

Accessing April's new pension flexibility comes at a price - future money purchase pension funding will be capped at £10,000. It may seem a small price to pay for unrestricted access to a lifetime's pension savings. Delve a little deeper and it becomes clear that with careful planning it needn't be an issue at all.

19 February 2015

Road test: Pension v ISA

We've put the 'all-new' 2015 pension and the recently modified NISA, head to head to see which will come out top in our 0 - £60k peformance shoot-out and which one is the 'best in class' family friendly model.

19 February 2015

Changes to Trustees on Stanplan A

The government is introducing new legislation, which includes new measures dealing with independent governance of pension schemes from 6 April 2015.

18 February 2015

Standard Life Adviser Edge Programme – A New Retirement World

We invite you to join us at a series of CPD accredited events

11 February 2015

Business owners to profit from pension flexibility

Business owners looking to extract surplus profits from their business will be looking forward to April's new pension income flexibility. Not only will pension funding remain the most tax efficient way to extract profits, but those funds will also become far more accessible than ever before.

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