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24 November 2015

New developments on Adviserzone

Over the past few weeks, improvements have been made to Adviserzone in response to feedback from advisers. These changes now make it easier and more efficient for our users to find the resources they need.

24 November 2015

Investment policy change to Vanguard Gilt Index funds

Vanguard Asset Management Limited (Vanguard) has told us it’s recently reviewed its investment methodology for two of its gilt funds.

23 November 2015

Dividend changes – what it means for investors

Next year will see major reforms to dividend taxation. What will this mean for advice? Will it change where clients should save? Does it trigger a review of investment wrappers for existing savings?

13 November 2015

Making allowances for a tax efficient retirement

The key to unlocking a tax efficient retirement income for your clients lies in ensuring that tax allowances have been maximised. Paying less tax will mean their savings will last longer in retirement and potentially provide a greater legacy for their loved ones.

03 November 2015

Changes to the fund name and fund description of two SL M&G Global Growth funds.

03 November 2015 - We changed the fund name and fund description of the following funds on 6 November 2015: SL M&G Global Growth Life Fund (code – YF) SL M&G Global Growth Pension Fund (code – YB)

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