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24 April 2018

Selectapension 10% discount withdrawal

We have been informed by Selectapension that the 10% discount that you can claim when paying the annual fee for the TVAS tool under subscription, will no longer be available after 30 April 2018.

19 April 2018

Changes to the SL Baillie Gifford Managed Pension Fund

We’re closing the SL Baillie Gifford Manged Pension Fund (code – MMJE) and switching the investments into an alternative version of the fund.

10 April 2018

Reducing the volatility rating for two of our funds

We’re reducing the volatility rating for 2 of our funds.

06 April 2018

How to keep your clients safe from the new IHT DOTAS rules

Advisers and their clients should have little to fear from HMRC's latest efforts to beef up IHT avoidance measures provided they stick with tried and tested solutions.

30 March 2018

New safeguarded flexible benefits warning – requirement to 'pause' some transactions for 2 weeks

From 6 April we are required to contact any client with safeguarded flexible benefits, such as a guaranteed annuity rate, who has requested a transfer or a lump sum from their pension.

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