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Portfolio Analyser

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Portfolio Analyser is a simple tool that provides detailed analysis and reporting of the breakdown of your client’s holdings or proposed investments.

The reports display performance analysis, fund and statistical information, asset class, regional splits, stock sector split and top 10 holdings. They also provide comparisons to benchmarks and additional fund information.

Portfolio Analyser is fully integrated, passing through all up to date holdings information. This can save you time, specifically in the area of fund selection. It also reduces the risk of pulling through the wrong fund.

Analysis features

  • Save and retrieve personalised benchmarks
  • Save functionality, either standalone or integrated
  • 'What if' functionality illustrates the impact of investment decisions at a past date
  • Access to over 55,000 funds over 5 fund types
  • Analysis of top 10 fund and stock holdings. You can choose up to three funds at a time
  • Analyse data in one fund type (portfolio analysis) or in multiple fund types (holistic analysis)
  • Ability to include or exclude cash from analysis

Reporting features

  • Adviser and client reports available in HTML and PDF formats which you can also copy into your own documents
  • Bespoke reports available, enabling you to choose sections and add adviser logo
  • Comprehensive fund centre lets you view, sort and search for fund data¬†
  • Fund factsheets for all funds

As the tool is fully integrated, you can:

  • Automatically view your client’s portfolio without the need to re-key data
  • Choose which of your client’s plans to analyse. Choose from all plans, one plan, or just a part of one (e.g. just mutual funds in a SIPP)
  • On the Wrap platform you can analyse all your clients’ products and model portfolios

Launch the tool

You will need to log in to use these services.

All information contained in the tool and reports generated by the tool is provided by Financial Express Limited.

For more information, contact your Standard Life Account Manager.

The value of investments can go down as well as up, and your clients could get back less than was paid in.

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