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10 Question Risk Questionnaire

Welcome to the Standard Life 10 question risk questionnaire. This risk questionnaire is provided to enable a wider conversation about risk between you and your client.

Using the 10Q Risk Questionnaire

The following documents will assist your conversation with your client and help facilitate the process:

Identifying your client's attitude to risk (150KB GEN415)

Blank risk questionnaire (100KB INVP13)

Please read the following information before using the questionnaire.

Limitations and Disclaimer

The questionnaires will help you to understand your client’s attitude to investment risk but it is important to understand that there are some limitations:

  • Education, not advice - this tool is a guide for illustrative purposes only
  • Limits - this tool doesn't look at other factors such as your client’s stage of life, their financial goals or the size of financial loss your client is able to withstand
  • Think bigger - risk is just one of the things your client needs to consider when making investment decisions. For example, the term of their investment and whether they might want to access their investments before the end of this term are also important
  • Discussion – talk about the results with your client before taking action.

Standard Life has developed this online tool based on the ORRA risk questionnaire to help you assess a customer's risk attitude. Standard Life is not responsible for any advice given or recommendations made on the basis of the output of this tool. You are solely responsible for any advice given and for making sure your own compliance requirements are met. Standard Life are not responsible for any decisions made as a result of completing the questionnaire and any decisions should only be made after speaking to a suitably qualified financial adviser.

Advisers using this tool should be comfortable with whatever investments options are subsequently decided on.

  Terms and Conditions

Two versions of the Risk Questionnaire tool (the "Tool") are made available to you by Standard Life Assurance Limited (SLAL) by virtue of a licence agreement entered into by Standard Life Assurance Limited (SLAL) ("us" - the terms "we" and "our" being interpreted accordingly) and the owner of the copyright and other intellectual property rights in the Tool, Oxford Risk Research and Analysis Ltd, 9400 Garsington Road , Oxford Business Park, Oxford, OX4 2HN (the "Licensor"). Your own access to and use of the Tool must be subject to certain terms and conditions that we, in terms of that licence agreement, are required to impose upon you. Accordingly, before being granted access to the Tool, you must read the terms and conditions set out below and formally accept them by clicking on the "I/We accept" button at the foot of this page.

Sub-licensing terms and conditions

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a) our then current Terms of Business regulating relations between Standard Life and Intermediaries; and

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1. Licensor's Rights

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1.3. Subject to paragraph 1.2, the Licensor will have no liability to you:
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2. Permitted Use

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2.4. You may not make for any purpose including (without limitation) for error correction, any alterations, modifications, additions or enhancements to the Tool nor, subject to paragraph 2.5, permit the whole or any part of the Tool to be combined with or become incorporated in any other software program, without our prior written consent.
2.5. You may not, nor permit others to, decompile, reverse-engineer or disassemble the Tool or any part, except to the extent permitted by law where this is indispensable to obtain the information necessary to achieve the interoperability of an independently created program with the Tool or with another software program and such information is not readily available from us or elsewhere.
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2.7. You acknowledge and agree that the Tool provides basic information and general strategic guidance only. No specific advice regarding investments and / or their providers are given by the Tool and you should always satisfy yourself that any actions you take or advise others to take in reliance on any of the information and guidance provided by the Tool is suitable in any particular case. The Tool provides strategies for long term investment projections of more than three years. It is not intended to be predictive of what will happen in the future, but rather to give a sensible range of possible outcomes. It is your responsibility to ensure that any individual for whom you use the Tool to provide financial advice or recommendations is given notice of the aforementioned limitations and to the extent that you fail to do so you agree to indemnify Standard Life and each member of Standard Life Assurance Limited (SLAL) and the Licensor for any loss, damage, cost or expense which Standard Life or any member of Standard Life Assurance Limited (SLAL) or the Licensor may suffer in connection with such failure or in connection with any claim against us or the Licensor by any third party whom you have advised.
2.8. You acknowledge that you are responsible for all acts and omissions of any person or organisation that accesses the Tool using your password whether with or without your authority to do so.

3. Extent of Permitted Reproduction

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5.4. The provisions of paragraph 5 will not apply to any Confidential Information which:
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5.4.4. is received bona fide by you or any of the persons or bodies mentioned in paragraph 5.2 free from an obligation of confidentiality from a third party not receiving the Confidential Information directly or indirectly from the Licensor.

6. Indemnity

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7. Termination

7.1. We may terminate this sub-licence, without cause, on immediate notice. For the avoidance of doubt, this sub-licence will automatically terminate in the event of the termination of our licence agreement with the Licensor.
7.2. On termination of this sub-licence, your authority to use the Tool will automatically cease. You must immediately stop using the Tool, and either return all copies (or partial copies) of it in your possession or control (or that of your employees or sub-contractors), or, if requested by us or the Licensor, delete, destroy or make permanently unusable the same.

8. Assignment

8.1. You may not assign or otherwise transfer your rights or obligations under this sub-licence without our prior written consent.

9. Conflict

9.1. Any terms defined in the Terms of Business regulating relations between Standard Life and Intermediaries shall apply, where appropriate, in the terms and conditions of this sub-licence. In the event of conflict between the terms and conditions of this sub-licence and, together, our then current Terms of Business regulating relations between Standard Life and Intermediaries and our then current terms and conditions governing the access by Intermediaries to our "adviserzone", the terms and conditions of this sub-licence will prevail.

10. Third Party Rights

10.1. Each member of Standard Life Assurance Limited (SLAL) shall be entitled to recover any loss suffered by it and generally enforce the terms and conditions of this sub-licence in its own right in accordance with the provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

11. Governing Law

11.1. The terms and conditions of this sub-licence will be governed by the law of England and Wales, and we and you both submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

The price of securities, units, funds and the income derived from them can go down as well as up, with the result that investors may not get back sums that they have invested. Past performance of investments is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Where any information supplied under this sub-licence consists of pricing or performance data, the data contained therein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. Although carefully verified, the completeness and accuracy of data computations are not guaranteed by us.


You must read and accept the Terms and Conditions before using the questionnaire.

About the Risk Questionnaire

How to complete the questionnaire?

You can either complete the questionnaire online with your client present or ask them to complete the paper version that supports this process in advance of your risk conversation.

Entering the client’s answers into the online questionnaire will provide you with a risk score and calculated risk level for them. These can be used to assist the conversation you have with your client about their risk preferences.
Following this conversation, your client can select the risk level which they feel is most appropriate to them.

The questionnaire is not a replacement for a conversation with your client about risk.

How does this support my compliance process?

Once you have agreed with your client what their risk score is, this can be marked on the paper version of the questionnaire and signed by your client allowing you to meet the needs of your compliance process.