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Can't find what you're looking for?

Our service directory lets you search by product to see what services are available, with links and phone numbers to access them.

Fund filter (including daily prices and fact sheets)

Search for funds by fund name or fund code and view the fund price, performance, ratings, charges and links to full fund information.

Portfolio Analyser

This is a simple and effective tool that provides detailed analysis and reporting of your client’s holdings or proposed investments. It is fully integrated with all of our adviser platforms.

Income Withdrawal Optimiser

This tool will help to demonstrate how to take retirement income tax efficiently. It will highlight how maximising the use of available allowances by varying the amount and source of income, can reduce the amount of tax your clients will pay.

International Bond segments and withdrawals calculator

This calculator helps you select possible segment numbers and withdrawal amounts for International Bond and Wrap International Portfolio Bond where a regular withdrawal is required.

10Q risk questionnaire

This 10 question risk questionnaire is designed to support a wider conversation about assessing your client’s appetite for investment risk. It is quick and easy to complete with your clients.

17Q risk questionnaire

This 17 questions questionnaire to help you understand more about your client's appetite for investment risk. It expands on the 10Q questionnaire with 5 extra risk measures.

Charting Tool

Use this tool to chart the performance of five fund types and over 55,000 fund and compare performance, funds, sectors and indices over a range of time periods. You can also generate reports to print or save in PDF format.

Capped Drawdown Calculator

This calculator helps you work out the maximum income your client could take from their pension pot if they started capped drawdown or triggered a capped drawdown income review.

Salary Exchange Calculator

Use this calculator to show a client how salary exchange could increase the amount paid into their pension plan and the impact it would have on their net income.

Pension Carry Forward Calculator

Find out how much pension annual allowance your client has available for a tax year. This helps you work out how much can be paid into your client’s pension plan without triggering an annual allowance tax charge.

Retirement Expense Tool

Use this calculator to help estimate how much your clients might spend in retirement and to determine the level of retirement income required.