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Bulk Data Download gives you online access to a range of your clients’ information for group and individual pensions, bonds and endowments. The service is easy to use, fully automated and you can normally expect a file of your client’s data on the same day. You can request the information in CSV format - for spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel - or XML formats to suit your database or back office software.

To use the Bulk Data Download service simply select the file format you require (CSV or XML), the content of the file (basic or full) and then select what scheme, agency code or product type you want the data for.

Within as little as a couple of hours you will receive an email containing a link to the Bulk Data Download service so that you can retrieve and download your file securely.

The two file download options are:

Basic download containing:

  • Fund breakdown
  • Policy type
  • Policyholder details
  • Valuation.

Full download containing:
Basic download information plus:

  • Contract term
  • Contribution details
  • Fund allocation
  • Last recorded transaction
  • Length of service
  • Policy status
  • Trust information.

More on Bulk Data Download (PDF 1.18Mb)

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