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Online New Business and Usability Improvements:

  • Online New Business (SIPP & AMPP): Waiving our requirement to receive a client's signature creates a
    faster, more efficient online service. Click here for more detail.
  • Usability improvements to Fund Filter tool and Valuations for SIPP & AMPP.

Quote & Trade Enhancements:

  • Increment quotes available for SIPP, AMPP, GSIPP and GFRP (including transfer value)
  • Use TV quote capability for incremental (and new member to existing group scheme) quotes for Legacy
    Pensions (Individual and Workplace)
  • See the quote and apply changes in our demo
  • Expanding the range of Investment Types to include DIMs (SIPP and GSIPP)
  • Introducing the facility to change future regular premium investment instructions for SIPP, AMPP and GSIPP
  • Increased the projection period from 6 to 12 months of charges taken from the Product Cash Account on
    Buy transaction on the Product Cash Account for SIPP, AMPP and GSIPP
  • Fund switch transaction now includes the SIPP cash account

Supporting you online with our Service Directory

Can't find what you're looking for?

You can now quickly find what you're looking for on Adviserzone using our new Service Directory. It will let you search by product to see what's available online and who to contact if you need to speak to us, saving you time and giving you more control.

More information on our online services

Find out more about our online services and tools below - jump to the stage you're interested in below:

Research and Planning

Fund filter (including daily prices and fact sheets)

Search for funds by fund name or fund code and view the fund price, performance, ratings, charges and links to full fund information.

Risk Questionnaires

Oxford Risk, an independent team of experts in risk profiling, have produced two questionnaires to help you assess your client’s attitude to risk.

Portfolio Analyser

Portfolio Analyser provides a simple and effective method of producing high quality, detailed reports of your client’s holdings or proposed investments.

MyFolio Lookthrough

The MyFolio Lookthrough tool helps you create personalised reports for your clients. It shows:

  • The asset class split between growth and defensive investments
  • Full details of all underlying funds
  • A breakdown of the percentage and value invested in each fund
  • Total MyFolio fund holdings

Charting Tool

Charting Tool gives you access to five fund types and over 55,000 funds. Comprehensive options allow you to compare the performance of funds, sectors and indices over defined time periods and generate reports.

Capped Drawdown Calculator

This calculator gives an idea of the maximum drawdown income available under the capped drawdown income option, and is dependent on age and fund value.

Salary Exchange Calculator

The purpose of this calculator is to allow you to demonstrate that a client who is employed can actually have a larger amount paid into their pension by using salary exchange.

Pension Carry Forward Calculator

This tool allows you to calculate your client’s available pension annual allowance for a tax year (including any unused allowance carried forward from earlier years).

FundZone charge calculator

The FundZone charge calculator estimates the costs associated with investing via FundZone.

It summarises the product charge, annual management charges and additional expenses based on the funds and amounts being invested - you can also add in initial and on-going adviser charges.

International Bond segments and withdrawals calculator

This calculator will help you select possible segment numbers and withdrawal amounts for International Bond and Wrap International Portfolio Bond where a regular withdrawal is required.

New Business

Watch Emma Marksman, Regional Technology Consultant (RTC) for Midlands demonstrate how to customise your Adviserzone


This service allows you to produce quotes for Group Pensions, Individual Pensions and Bonds.

Online New Business

You can submit new business online for Active Money Personal Pension and Active Money SIPP.


FundZone gives you access to over 2000 funds from more than 90 fund managers.

New Scheme Enquiries

You can submit new business online for new - good to go qualifying workplace pension schemes.

Inflation Calculator

This calculator converts between inflation-adjusted illustration values (real terms) and illustrative values that take no account of inflation (nominal terms).

Client Servicing

Client View

Client View lets you see all of a client’s policies together. This aggregated view gives a total valuation of all your client’s Standard Life plans.

Individual Tracking

This service lets you keep up to date with the progress of client-specific new business applications you've submitted to us.

Standard Life Wealth Client Valuations

The online client valuation application allows you to access details of your clients' Standard Life Wealth investments.

Group Pension Zone

This secure website lets you manage your Standard Life group pension schemes and check if a scheme can be used for pension reform.

Business Servicing

Bulk Data Download

This enables you to request bulk downloads for a range of your clients’ group and individual pensions, bonds, occupational pension and endowments. 

Adviser Payments

Adviser Payments service lets you view and print your statement following a settlement.

Bulk Tracking

This service lets you keep up to date with the progress of new business applications you’ve submitted to us.

Integration Services

We are able to integrate a number of our online services with your front/back office system which enables you to streamline your business processes and helps you deliver a quality proposition to your clients.

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