Tax Planning

Standard Life offers a range of tax planning solutions to help you give your clients the opportunity to make the most of the freedom and choice available at all stages of their financial life.

Tax year end 2022

As tax year end approaches there are plenty of tax opportunities for your clients as well as important dates to consider.  You’ll find all the tax year end information you need here.

Key cut off dates and payment details

There are a number of important dates that you need to be aware of leading up to the end of the tax year 2021/2022. Please ensure that all relevant business is completed by the cut off dates specified in the relevant documents below.

TYE cut off dates for Standard Life Individual and Workplace

In March 2019, HSBC moved to a digital system for banking cheques and will no longer exchange paper cheques between banks.

This may be an issue for clients at TYE as you won't be able to request the re-presentation of a bounced cheque into the new tax year and have the ISA subscriptions backdated to the previous tax year.

Should you experience difficulties with banking your cheques, please email us

Remember, the value of investments can fluctuate and might be less than was paid in. Tax rules can change in the future.