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Family wealth transfer


Family wealth transfer is all about ensuring that family wealth passes into the right hands at the right time, with minimum liability to inheritance tax.

Your clients demand not just effective estate planning solutions; they also want expert guidance, and the sort of support that helps them make the right decisions.

We offer you all round estate planning support and can help you with trusts, investment guidance for trustees and family wealth planning.

Current offerings

Deeds - Life Plans / Legacy Products

We can provide deeds for many of our Life Plans and Legacy Products such as:

Whole of Life Assurance
Term Assurance
Lifetime Protection Plans/Series
Versatile Protection Plan
Variable Investment Bonds/Versatile Investment Plans

The above is not an exclusive list.

Please contact us at or call 0345 606 0841 for further information

Trustee investing

How you can help trustees with their investment duties by following a well-documented and robust investment process for the trust fund.

Bypass Trust

A simple way to maintain more control over the payment of death benefits under our Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP).

Gift Plan

For clients who want to make a gift, but want to retain some control over who benefits.

Loan Plan

For clients who are not ready to make a gift but want to limit their potential Inheritance tax liability while enjoying access to loan repayments.

Discounted Gift Plan

For clients who want to reduce the value of their estate by making a gift and continue to enjoy some access.

Client support

Brochures and guides to help you with client estate planning meetings.

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SLG LiveSite Portlet

Are your clients at risk of a French tax charge?

Thousands of UK trusts could unwittingly face a €10,000 charge this year if they fail to disclose information to the French authorities.

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