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Business Support

Agency Services

For details on Origo’s online Agency Services, which allow you to register and administer agencies across a number of providers, and Standard Life’s Intermediary Terms of Business.

Family Wealth Transfer

We offer you all round estate planning support and can help you with trusts, investment guidance for trustees and family wealth planning.

Tax planning

Standard Life offers a range of tax planning solutions to help you give your clients the opportunity to make the most of the freedom and choice available at all stages of their financial life.

Pension Freedoms

Whether you're interested in understanding the key changes or finding out more on how Standard Life's products support the changes - we have the answers you need.

DB to DC pension transfers

With new pension flexibility, the reasons for considering a pension transfer may well have increased. Login and find out more about how Standard Life can support you.

Working with Standard Life

Guidance on FATCA / Common Reporting Standard

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and Common Reporting Standard (CRS) regimes means that we are now responsible for identifying where customers are tax resident. We’ve prepared guidance to help you meet the regulations.