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The big picture of what we can offer

We understand that your client base is likely to include clients at many different life stages, with very different risk profiles, existing investments and goals. We also appreciate that your business has its own needs. So we’ve developed a comprehensive range of investment solutions and tools that can support your business.

The big picture of what we can offer you and your clients infographic

And, our investment proposition is flexible. You can choose how much support you need to suit you and your business.

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Download our guide: Good governance is central to our investment proposition

Release the potential in your investment business

We recognise that the world in which your investment business operates has become more complex. The risks, too, have become higher. This trend is likely to continue.

We also know that what clients value most is service - not always the time or effort it takes to construct and manage their portfolio. Plus, as your clients’ awareness of costs increases, so too does your need to demonstrate value.

Perhaps you’ve already taken steps to manage these challenges through model portfolios, multi-manager solutions or independent fund research? The reality is, outsourcing now makes a great deal of sense - for both you and your clients.

We’ve identified three possible outsourcing approaches as well as a matching range of investment options to make your life easier. Each one carries a different level of outsourcing, risk and cost to your business.

Three outsourcing approaches

1. Adviser Managed Investments

For advisers who run their own investment process in-house with support from investment providers.

2. Flexible Packaged Solutions

For advisers who want to offer their clients a range of governed portfolios but prefer to delegate the risk and costs of building and managing these portfolios to investment providers.

3. Full Discretionary Services

For advisers who choose to offer their high value clients tailored portfolios but prefer to delegate the portfolio construction, ongoing management and administration of the account as well as all related risk/costs to an investment provider.

This table shows the level of investment support you receive from a provider depending on your preferred investment approach, with full discretionary services providing the maximum amount of investment support

By choosing Standard Life to support your investment process, you’re not confined to a single route, either. Our investment proposition is flexible. You can choose how much support you need to suit you and your business.

Here’s a closer look at our investment offering, highlighting where we can provide support and/or assume responsibility and risk.

This table shows how Standard Life can support your preferred investment process with our range of tools and investment solutions

Simply by looking at your investment business in new ways, you can help save on two of your most vital assets. Time and money. Not to mention, reducing the level of risk in your business.

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Download our guide: Release your business potential

The power of one, the strength of many

Our investment solutions aim to maximise opportunities from the whole of the market while minimising any unnecessary risk. They use the services of a large number of external providers in addition to our subsidiary companies, Standard Life Investments and Standard Life Wealth.

Standard Life Investments
The asset management arm of the Standard Life Group is one of the UK’s leading managers of funds for institutional and individual investors. Its innovative fund range includes equities, fixed income, property, unconstrained equities and the market-leading absolute return fund - GARS.

Standard Life Wealth
Standard Life Wealth is a discretionary fund manager for high-net-worth individuals. Clients include sophisticated investors who seek actively-managed solutions that are tailored to their individual goals.

Clients have exclusive access to personalised, goal-based investment services as well as super-diversification investment strategies, previously only available to institutional investors.

Governance is important to us

Investing comes with risk, as does opportunity. This applies to both you and your business.

The best way to manage this risk is through good governance.

Regulation is forcing governance up the agenda, but it’s not easy to accomplish quickly - it’s ingrained in the culture of a company.

When you ask us to play a greater role in managing your clients’ assets, we step up to provide rigorous oversight to give you and your clients’ confidence in your decision.

We can employ the specialist expertise of our Fund Selection Governance Committee. This committee includes expertise from outside the Standard Life group which provides oversight and accountability for our fund selection process.

When you choose Standard Life to support your investment process, you’re choosing a company that aims to deliver best-in-class, well-governed solutions that are purpose-built for you and your clients.

Our stewardship responsibility

Standard Life has a firm commitment to good standards of governance, and part of this is a clear and robust approach to stewardship.  

Through our close relationship with Standard Life Investments, we are a supporter of and signatory to the UK Stewardship Code. We strongly believe its principles support good governance of the assets that we manage on behalf of your clients.  

And, because good governance is always transparent, we’re proud to publish the key principles of our approach:

  • We will publicly disclose our policy on how we discharge our stewardship responsibilities;
  • We have a robust and transparent policy on managing any conflicts of interest which may arise in relation to stewardship;
  • We will effectively monitor those companies into which our assets are distributed;
  • We will establish and maintain clear guidelines on when and how we will escalate stewardship activities;
  • We will willingly act collectively with other investors where this is appropriate;
  • We will establish and maintain a clear policy on voting and disclosure of voting activity;
  • We will report regularly on stewardship and voting activity.

Visit Standard Life Investments’ Stewardship Code pages to find out more about how we comply with all seven of the Code’s principles in respect of our UK equity investments.

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Download our guide: Release your business potential

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