Retirement Income Solutions for Private Clients

The retirement landscape has changed. An adviser will increasingly see a client through their entire retirement journey, meeting various needs from providing a day-to-day income to preserving capital for inheritance.

A new world of retirement

We’re ready to support you

Standard Life can help support you in delivering a flexible and well governed solution, with a variety of options to help you meet your clients’ needs.

We offer a range of solutions to enable you to outsource some or all of your investment management, depending on your clients’ requirements.

Standard Life is able to offer full access to the income and death benefit flexibility through our Wrap and Active Money SIPP products.

Flexi-access drawdown and Capped drawdown available.

We have removed the charges on our Flexi-access drawdown products.

We provide support to help you meet regulatory requirements and best practice.

We’ve created a faster, more efficient online service for our Wrap SIPP and our dedicated Wrap support teams will help you grow your business whilst supporting you with your evolving day-to-day needs.

We have solutions for all of your clients' retirement needs

Drawdown – what we offer

The pension rules provide a range of options on how income can be taken and we are able to offer full access to the income and death benefit flexibility through our Wrap and standalone SIPP products:

  • Flexi-access drawdown: Take all or some of the tax free cash entitlement and use the remaining funds to provide a flexible level of drawdown income.
  • Ad-hoc withdrawal: UFPLS style payment.  Take the all or part of the pot in one go - with 25% tax free and the remainder taxed at the individuals marginal rate
  • Capped drawdown: Existing Capped drawdown clients can remain in capped drawdown, maintaining their annual allowance of £40,000 and taking income payments in line with GAD.
  • Tailored drawdown: Regular income made up of any combination of tax-free and taxable income, within legislative limits



Key benefits of our Drawdown:

  • Largest drawdown provider in the market
  • Tailored Drawdown option, supporting effective tax planning
  • Choice of income payment dates and frequency
  • Payslips and income statements for tax returns
  • Investment expertise in decumulation
  • Withdrawals normally paid within 5 working days