Investment funds & ISA on FundZone

Adviser payments

We have a comprehensive range of adviser charging options on FundZone, offering your client flexibility and choice.

Adviser chargeStocks & Shares ISAInvestment Funds
Initial Adviser Charge (%/£) Yes Yes
Regular Initial Adviser Charge (£) - available for regular payments only Yes Yes
Ongoing Adviser Charge (%/£) Yes Yes
Ad hoc Adviser Charge (%/£) Yes Yes
  • Frequency - an ongoing adviser charge can be taken monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly
  • Paying adviser charges and product charges - these will be paid from the FundZone Supermarket Cash Account
  • Re-starting an adviser charge - if your charge is cancelled, you will need to set up a new adviser charge on FundZone. A regular initial adviser charge cannot be restarted