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Investment Bonds

All our Bonds are medium to long term investments. Whilst they have no fixed term, they should usually be held for a minimum of five years.

Offshore bond

International Bond

The International Bond is provided by Standard Life International, an insurance company. It is a lump sum,
non-qualifying, whole of life, offshore investment linked life insurance Bond.

The International Bond from Standard Life International offers tax-efficient investment growth and control over when tax is paid. While invested in an offshore bond, your client won’t normally pay tax on any growth (except irrecoverable withholding tax). Instead, tax is paid when they take money out of the bond and will be based on their circumstances at that time. The bond offers a wide choice of investments and is ideal for a range of needs including estate and retirement planning, tax-efficient saving and for clients who are planning to move abroad.

Onshore bonds - open to new business

Tailored Investment Bond

A flexible tax efficient bond that offers access to a range of funds with different investment strategies and the potential for capital growth and / or income over the medium to long term.  The bond can also be assigned or placed in trust to help with family wealth transfer.

Onshore bonds - closed to new business but available for tops ups

With Profits Bond

A flexible, tax effective investment bond that aims to offer the potential for capital growth, with a return backed by a wide range of assets.  The bond also offers the option of taking regular or one off withdrawals.  We may provide some smoothing of investment returns when your client  takes withdrawals or cashes in their bond, or when we pay death benefits.

Capital Investment Bond

For clients looking for the potential for their capital to grow or a regular tax efficient income - and flexibility about when it's paid. Offers access to a wide choice of insured funds.

Distribution Bond

For clients with a lower risk profile looking for a regular tax efficient income - and flexibility about when it's paid.

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