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Managed Portfolio Service for Private Clients


Flexible Packaged Solution

Aberdeen Standard Capital’s Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) gives your clients access to discretionary management expertise.  Instead of simply holding a fund, MPS effectively offers your client a segregated discretionary portfolio, whilst allowing you to retain control of the client relationship.

The service is fully flexible, allowing your clients to invest all or a proportion of their assets in a portfolio whilst also holding other assets within the same tax wrapper.


Our full range offers access to one of the most comprehensive managed portfolio services on
the market. It offers expertise across a broad spectrum of risk. Our MPS can help to meet a wide range of investor needs through Target Return or Conventional investment approaches. It’s managed on a discretionary basis by Aberdeen Standard Capital, allowing us to remain flexible, and respond quickly to changing market conditions. Fund selection uses a blend of active and passive options. The extent to which active or passive options are used is dependent on the Investment Team’s view of which asset classes and managers have the potential to deliver the best outcome. All portfolios in the range are highly diversified. They have the flexibility to invest in a wide range of funds and asset classes, using expert portfolio construction and risk management skills In addition, we aim to make investing in MPS simple and transparent. To meet this aim, MPS:

  • has a transparent charging structure, with no hidden charges or transaction charges, allowing investors to understand what they are paying for
  • is as easy to trade as a fund
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