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SIPP cash accounts for private clients

SIPP Cash/External Deposits

We offer SIPP investors choice when it comes to managing their cash assets.

SIPP Bank Account

Money can be held on deposit in the SIPP Bank Account.

The current interest rate is 0.25% per annum gross on monies held within the Active Money SIPP Bank Account. We reserve the right to change this rate in line with our normal terms. (The rate of interest will generally be 1% below the Bank of England base rate. This means if the base rate is 1% or less we'll pay 0% unless we tell you otherwise).

SIPP External Deposit Accounts

On occasion a client may wish to invest via an External Deposit Account provider. All investment choices are made at your client's risk, so it is important that they seek appropriate financial advice to ensure any account selected is appropriate for their needs and goals and that they fully understand the terms and conditions of the accounts, particularly in relation to restrictions on early withdrawals. Standard Life is not responsible for the performance or solvency of the providers of the investments we allow access to via our SIPP.

The Standard Life SIPP will accept External Deposit Accounts as long as the accounts meet the following criteria:-

Are offered by one of these providers

  • Must have a UK presence
  • Deposits must be held and reported in pounds sterling
  • Must accept pension trustee money
  • Term is breakable in the event of death

Monies invested in External Deposit Accounts carry a higher administration charge than those held in the SIPP Bank Account including a switching charge.

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